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Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for students

All students from Serbia are eligible to apply for scholarships to 118 Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degrees and 29 Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorates.







A' Design Award & Competition

A' Design Award & Competition is the Worlds' largest annual juried design competition that honors best designers, architects, and design oriented companies worldwide to provide them publicity, fame and recognition. The A' Design Accolades are organized and awarded internationally in a wide array of categories ranging from industrial design to architecture. Every year, projects that focus on innovation, technology, design and creativity are awarded with the A' Award to push them further for success.

Прихватају се само пројекти урађени у последњих 10 година.

Nomination deadline 28th of February, 2015.



French Government Scholarships

In order to encourage the mobility of students, the French Embassy and the French Institute in Serbia, announcing a new competition for scholarships for 2015-2016. year for students from Serbia who want to continue their education in France (scholarships for master 2, a doctorate in mentorship, scholarship "Copernicus", special scholarships for Master 2 is intended to former graduates of mathematical High School in Belgrade).

For more information
The deadline for the submission of candidacies: 5th mart 2015.

Young Balkan Designers 2015

Young Balkan Designers slogan for 2015 - “COMMON GROUNDS” calls for introspective view on one's own heritage and cultural values, vernacular roots, authenticities and imperfections, and their intelligent interpretation into contemporary Balkan context.

We challenge you to think about heritage in the broadest terms, from your own personal heritage – ancestry and culture – to our collective heritage as a society, including the places we live in. In your pursuit to define what universal values lie at the intersection of common interest and passion of traditional and progressive urban population, activate the value of cultural assets in and incorporate material and immaterial heritage in your work.

28th of February2015.

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Urban Guerrilla is looking for new members

Urban Guerilla asking young people aged between 20 and 25 years who have interests and new ideas and to take part in workshops and design activities related to the gravity of interest of this association.

The competition is open from 1 February to 1 March, and the application form can be found on the website of the City Guerrillas:



British Scholarships Foundation

British Foundation for the 2015/16 school year. year offers the opportunity to apply for the award 10 scholarships to candidates from the Republic of Serbia.

The duration of the scholarship is from 1 to 3 months per candidate.

More information and application form are available on the website:

The deadline for submission of documents is 15 March 2015.





The wisdom of the senses

Children's art creativity
3. Didactic Exhibition
FFA students and FPU

13th February - 06th March 2015.
Children's Cultural Centre Belgrade
takovska 8

The opening of the exhibition on Friday, February 13th at 19 hours








Mina Glogovac

Galery SKC, Obrenovac

Opening: Friday, 6th of February, 2015. 19:00




My Beautiful Country

Die Brücke am Ibar (English festival release title My Beautiful Country) is a 2012 German film directed by Michaela Kezele, set in 1999 during the Kosovo War. The film is displayed from 1. 22. 2015 in Belgrade cinemas Tuckwood, in Belgrade Cultural Centre, in the Dom Sidikata cinema, Fontana ...

Ljiljana Petrovic, professor of stage costumes at FPU for this film created about 1,000 costumes.